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Women are you ready to thrive doing what you love?

The Big Idea Grant helps woman small business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives who want to make an impact on the world with their passion.

What's the Big Idea Grant

Each month, we give one $1000 grant to a woman, age 18 or over, in the US to invest in their Business or Idea. It can be used as a start up grant, marketing grant, operational grant or whatever you need to help you to the next level with your idea or business.

Each grant submission will be reviewed with an emphasis on these elements:

* Vision - What is your Big Idea/Vision? (40%)

* Passion - Why is this important to you? (40%)

* Use - How will you utilize the grant money? (20%)

Special Gift - ALL applicants will receive a one-month free membership in our woman entrepreneur mindset coaching group, with worldclass mindset mentoring to help you manifest your dream 10X faster.

Mindset is a critical factor in achieving lasting success. That’s why we want to give you a head start in succeeding in your dream. Our program goes beyond the traditional coaching approach by providing you with powerful strategies and techniques to cultivate an abundance mindset—a mindset that attracts opportunities, wealth, and growth into your business to help you manifest your dream/idea 10X faster while offering an inspiring, supportive space of like-minded creative women with which to connect!

Grow Your Big Idea

Women entrepreneurs, we see you and we hear you. Our goal is to provide the aspiring and often times overlooked female entrepreneur or creatives with accessible support and resources to grow their Big Idea into the successful business they envision. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Meet Our Past Grant Recipients

Applying for the Grant is Easy

How Do I Apply for the Grant?

1. Fill in your name and email

2. Click "Apply Now" to access the application to answer a few questions about your Big Idea. It should only take a few minutes.

Who is Eligible?

This grant is for women entrepreneurs, women small business owners, women owned businesses, ages 18 or over, within the United States. Your business can already be started or in idea stage.

NOTE: This is a no strings attached private business grant. You may use the money for any aspect of your business. Along with your application, you will receive 1 month of our mindset coaching to help you take your dream or idea to the next level. We teach you how to shift your mindset to succeed and create your dream. We do not have corporate sponsors nor are we a non-profit, therefore, there is a $15 application fee however, we are confident that you will receive much more value with your 1 free month in our coaching community including tools, support, guidance, mindset coaching and a like-minded community to help you thrive with your idea or business. Our mission is to help thousands of women entrepreneurs succeed with their big ideas!

Applying for the small business grant only takes a few minutes and could change your life forever.

What do you receive if selected for the Grant?

$1000 Small Business Grant

If chosen for a What's The Big Idea Grant, you will receive $1000 for your Idea/business. You can use these funds however you wish to grow your business or idea and you do not need to repay the money.

We would love to see you share your win on your social media channels to help us get the word out to help more women. The more women who apply, the more grants we can offer.

One Year Membership in the Woman Entrepreneur Mindset Coaching Community

Imagine yourself living your dream NOW! In the mindset coaching group, we will focus on cultivating the mindset you need to achieve the success of your idea and business in ways you now only dream of. If choosen for a grant, you will have a free one year membership to take advantage of our unique tools and resources to help you smash your dreams!

Other Tools

You will have access to tools that help you gain clarity on your goals, what may be stopping you from achieving them and learn how to shift your focus and mindset to help you achieve your dream 10X faster.

What our coaching members are saying:

Launch Your Big Idea with the Help of a $1000 Grant!

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